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How to Use TOEFL Primary® Tests

A Versatile Solution for English Programs

The TOEFL Primary® tests can be used to monitor student progress over time and, if appropriate, for placement.

They are designed for:

  • English-language programs
  • Local schools that teach English as part of the curriculum

Discover the Ways the TOEFL Primary Tests Can Help You

Detailed score reports provide meaningful score-level descriptors of what students can do and help assist students, teachers and parents set goals for understanding where future learning should focus.

As a teacher, you can use the TOEFL Primary tests to:

  • Guide your teaching goals
  • Monitor student progress
  • Identify students’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Determine instructional plans
  • Inform placement decisions, if appropriate
  • Focus your work with both individual students and groups
  • Shape your communication with parents about student learning

Learn more about the three tests:

Research-based Tests Provide Information You Can Trust

Each year, ETS and the TOEFL® program support a number of research studies to ensure the validity and reliability of the TOEFL Family of Assessments. The link below includes a summary of research studies on the TOEFL Primary tests that will soon be publicly available. Additional research projects are in progress to support the quality of the TOEFL Primary tests.

Learn more about the research on the TOEFL Primary Tests (PDF).

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