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Frequently Asked Questions About the TOEFL Primary® Tests

  • What are the TOEFL Primary tests?

    The TOEFL Primary® tests are new assessments from ETS that help you shape young students’ English-language instruction in a way you never had before. They are designed for students ages 8+ and measure the English skills that provide a foundation for students’ future success.

  • How are TOEFL Primary scores used?

    As a teacher, you can use the TOEFL Primary tests to:

    • Guide your teaching goals
    • Monitor student progress
    • Identify students’ strengths and weaknesses
    • Determine instructional plans
    • Inform placement decisions, if appropriate
  • Why are the TOEFL Junior and TOEFL Primary Writing tests taken in digital format?

    The TOEFL Junior Writing test is designed to assess students’ computer-based English writing skills. It is certainly important for primary and secondary school students to learn handwriting skills. However, at this time, ETS offers the TOEFL Junior and Primary Writing tests only in a digital format. Test users should interpret the TOEFL Junior and Primary writing test scores as students’ computer-based writing skills, which include their keyboarding skills.

    One intent behind launching the TOEFL Junior and Primary Writing tests in the digital format was to “keep pace with the current digital age and prepare students for 21st century skills”, as described in the TOEFL Primary Writing design framework. Please note that the TOEFL Junior and Primary Writing tests are delivered globally and our pilot tested in more than 10 countries, including several countries in Asia. Additionally, practice items are available on the ETS website for both the TOEFL Junior Writing test and the TOEFL Primary Writing test.